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unlock the keys to formulate

fearlessly + confidently

Learn the fundamental tools and strategies you need to level-up your craft and give your client #hairgoals every time!


The Fundamentals Course -Shop (online course + hands-on work shop hybrid) is the first of its kind.

As CREATIVES...we learn best in an environment that provides visual AND hands-on learning. The Fundamentals incorporates conceptual learning combined with hands-on kinesthetic learning with EACH module to increase retention significantly! 

Have you ever...

...Struggled with not feeling confident in your formulation?

...Resorted to using the same few tubes or bottles of color on every client?

...Sought formulation advice from coworkers or even other stylists on the internet? (HELLO Facebook forums)

...Held your breath and crossed your fingers, praying to the Color Gods that your formula will turn out right?

I've been there.
I've felt the panic when a result didn't come out right.
I've experienced the fear of taking on a "project" client.

I was the epitome of the 

"6N on the roots + 9V/9P/9T toner on everyone"

type of hairdresser!

I knew that I wanted to push my creative boundaries with color but I was too reluctant to try new things for fear of messing up.

I wanted to have a successful career with high ticket clients but I didn't have the confidence in my skill-set to command that.

I had taken so many technique classes but techniques only got me so far...

Araz Nov 2022-15.jpg
-I still had to formulate.

-I still had to learn how to manipulate the hair and my formulas.

-I realized..I didn't know hair the way I should.

-I didn't know about color the way I should.

-I didn't know how to predict the most successful outcome.

-I didn't know how the hair was going to react before I mixed any chemicals.

I was playing the guessing game..over and over again.

I had become a master sales person convincing my clients that the outcome was perfect, knowing it wasn't.
I spent years learning lessons the hard way!

I'm finally ready to share ALL of what I have learned...with YOU!

Araz Nov 2022-4.jpg

My mission is to help you save years of learning lessons "the hard way"

Being fully grounded in the Fundamentals of Hair + Hair Color is the # 1 tool for successful colorists today.

Breaking down the 

The Canvas-8.png

What you get with your course-shop:

Full access to all modules + lessons 

The FUNbox full of everything you need to bring your course-shop to LIFE.

Lifetime access.

*please allow up to 24 hours for course access

*FUNbox will ship within 24 hours of purchase, allow 3-5 days for arrival.

*any and all updated content will be added to your course!


Elevate your skillset with the Fundamentals of hair + hair color.
Formulate confidently and fearlessly.
Understand color theory + its importance in every formula.
Predict what the hair + your formula are going to do more accurately.
Take on any project client with a foolproof strategy.


Modules + Lessons

The Canvas.png
The Canvas-2.png
The Canvas-3.png


Understanding the canvas, or the HAIR, we work on is undoubtedly crucial when it comes to fully understanding hair and color theory.

In module 1 we deconstruct the canvas. 6 lessons all about properly identifying texture and porosity, learning about melanin and its behavior as well as learning about client categories. Knowing the canvas thoroughly will help set you up for proper strategy + formulation.


We work with chemicals every time we color hair. We create art, yes, but we have to fully understand these chemicals and their abilities in order to choose the right ones for the right job.

Chemicals are not one size fits all and in module 2, you will learn all you need to know about the chemicals we use every day broken down into 6 lessons with tons of hands-on activities to facilitate learning and retention.


The final module brings everything together. The 6 lessons in this module will have you feeling grounded in the laws of hair and hair color. Fully understanding color is necessary for confident formulation, every single time. Your course-shop culminates with teaching you the step-by-step on how to formulate for success!

A few of your lessons...

Understanding texture

Understanding + Identifying melanin

What's in your tube?

How the hair coloring process works

Understanding pH

Breaking color down

Client Categories

Formulating for Success

what others have to say...

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Is the fundamentals for you?

The FUNdamentals course -shop is definitely for you if:

You are a visual + hands -on learner.

You second guess yourself, BTC.

You tend to mix different colors together, hoping it will work out.

You tend to pray to the color gods.

You often ask for reassurance from coworkers or Facebook forums. 

You want to learn the "WHY-to" and not just the "how-to"

You LOVE authentic, non-branded education.

Imagine feeling so inspired, empowered and confident to take on any client!


If you're ready to take your confidence and your business to the next level, the FUNdamentals is here for you.
This was made for you.

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See you in the course-shop 😘

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