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Let's Talk MONEY with The Millionaire Hair$tylist, Cash Lawless

It's very difficult to put ALLLLL of the amazingness from this podcast episode in a single blog post. I had the opportunity to chat with Cash Lawless, the brains behind The Millionaire Hairstylist.

Cash is a retired celebrity stylist who harnessed the power of leveraging his money to become a 7 figure + earner.

He said "Hairdressers are uniquely positioned to create massive wealth" and he's absolutely correct!

I will highlight a few talking points of what we covered on this episode, but I highly highly HIGHLY encourage you to take a listen either on the Let's Talk Hair Podcast or my new YouTube channel!

First we talked about the fact that just like with the people in our lives, each of us has a relationship with our money.

Knowing and understanding WHAT our relationship is with our money is the first step for any type of financial success.

Do you open your mobile bank account with resistance?

Do you hesitate to spend?

Do you hoard your money?

Do you neglect and avoid your finances? you let the money flow? flow in? flow out? Or is your money stagnant, like still water.

A huge shift that occurred for me with money was when I realized that money, also knows as needs to flow in and flow out. Still money will never grow.

I think a topic we DON'T speak on enough, as hairdressers is MONEY. So many of us try to be humble and not set MASSIVE money goals..and Cash really pointed out on WHY some of us do that. I'm here to tell you, it's TOTALLY ok to have BIG money goals, at the end of the day money is only good for the good that it can do. With building wealth comes the massive potential to do GOOD! So, work on shifting that perspective that just because you want to be wealthy that it's "pretentious". Having money gives you a massive advantage to be able to do SO MUCH GOOD!

One of my favorite moments during the episode was when Cash was talking about an "advice seeking mindset" versus an "education mindset" and OMG he was speaking to my soul.

The value of EDUCATION and LEARNING FOR YOURSELF far supersedes any advice you can get from someone. Advice is GREAT but wanting someone else to do the work for you, to make the decisions for you, to invest for you, to formulate for you...well, there isn't really much personal power in that is there?

One of the reason I reached out to interview cash is because he coaches and teaches on being a Millionaire Hairstylist. A lot of us talk about the coveted 6 figures..but very few, if any hairdressers are talking about 7 figures.

Cash is a serial creative entrepreneur with multiple 7 figure businesses...and he started out as a hairdresser. See, the key is to understand the process of building wealth and he has broken it down into 3 phases.

Phase 1 being incredibly valuable and mostly overlooked when most people are creating their roadmap to wealth.

He said he has used this model several times over, successfully which is why he's coming full circle back into the hair industry from an educational standpoint to help all of us understand how to build wealth. Like serious, GENERATIONAL wealth.

The Millionaire Hairstylist Phase 1: Master Your Money is the FIRST of a 3 course series that Cash created!

If you're interested to learn more, or to register for the course, you can go to:

Use code: ARAZPODCAST for 15% off!

And seriously, take a listen to the's straight FIRE!

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