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Tired of second-guessing yourself trying to recreate those "impossible" instagram looks? Want to understand the science behind WHY certain placements work and formulate custom results for any client?

This intensive 5 day workshop, led by renowned hair color educator Araz, creator of the popular online course "The FUNdamentals of Hair + Color",  is designed to do just that!


what you'll learn:

Day 1: Mastering the Tools.

Discover the right tools for every foiling and placement scenario, from choosing the perfect foils to tint brushes and everything in between. Learn how to use them with precision and efficiency to achieve flawless results.

Day 2: Cracking the Code of Placement + Pattern

Demystify the "why" behind different foiling + stitching placements and patterns. Unlock the secrets to dissecting and recreating any Inspo pic your client brings in, with confidence.

Day 3: Foil-yage + Teasy-lights Fundamentals.

Learn the method-to-the-madness with foil-yage and tease-lights. Understanding when to choose which technique, and why along with mastering each with intention and purpose.

Day 4: The Science of Bleach + Toners

Dive deep into the chemistry of bleaches and toners. Learn the ability to discern when to use what and how each product will react with the specific hair fiber. Know how to predict outcomes and troubleshoot common color challenges.

Day 5: Formulation Fundamentals

Explore the art and science of hair color- Araz style! Learn to predict and customize formulas for any desired result, based on your clients unique hair history and desired outcome.

by the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Confidently choose the right foiling and placement techniques for any desired result.

  • Understand the WHY and WHEN to choose placement, pattern, stitch, technique, and formula.

  • Formulate custom colors to achieve breathtaking results on every client.

  • Feel confident to recreate any "impossible" look with confidence.


This workshop is just the beginning of your journey. At the end, you'll have the opportunity to join the exclusive "FUNdamentals of Blonding and Toning" course-shop, where you will delve DEEPER into the science, chemistry and artistry of blonding and toning with SURPRISE guest artists teaching alongside Araz. 

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