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The FUNdamentals Work-shop


science + chemistry + art

To help YOU formulate fearlessly + confidently

with any color line

The roadmap to becoming a
Fearless Formulator


Have you ever...

  • Had a formulation go sideways?

  • Found yourself asking others for formulation advice?

  • Taken tons of technique classes but realized you still need help with formulating?

  • Felt like you didn't learn in school what you needed to be confident in hair color formulation?


  • You could take on ANY color client with EASE

  • You had a proven, step by step formulation strategy that guaranteed predictable results, every time.

  • You fully understood the science and the chemistry of what we do behind the chair.

Imagine if...

No more winging it.

No more second guessing.

No more praying to the color gods.


About your workshop:

  • Class is from 10am-5pm

  • Lunch will be provided

  • Every participant will receive a Swag Bag

  • All items for class will be provided for you with the exception of the items below, that you are responsible for bringing:

         * 1 tube 6 N- brand does not matter

         * 1 tube 6 R- brand does not matter

         * 1 tube 6 A- brand does not matter

         * AN OPEN MIND 😉

If you are a visual and hands-on learner, the Fundamentals workshop is definitely for you! 

Devoted to understanding the art + science of hair and hair coloring, this workshop is set up like a "lab" with lots of hands on experiments and visual aids to help understand the concepts being presented.

We begin by deconstructing the canvas that we all work on every single day...Hair. You will learn the 3 most important factors to consider before formulating or applying color to any hair. 

You will also learn the key points of difference between different types of hair colors and how acidity and alkalinity play a vital role in the hair coloring process.

This in-depth, hands-on  workshop will cover the critical things you need to know about the chemistry of hair color, the color wheel, advanced hair color theory, and successful formulation strategy.

You will walk away with the tools needed to formulate confidently, complete with a vast understanding of hair + color.  Whether you are a newer stylist looking to expand your skill-set, or a veteran stylist looking to stay current in the ever-evolving world of hair color, The Fundamentals workshop is undoubtedly the first step in Leveling-Up. 

Want to host a class? Drop your info and we will reach out!

Thanks for submitting!

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