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Niching down - Part 1 (PRO's)

The Riches are in The Niches.

Have you heard this or something like this before?

There is SO much talk in the industry about niching down, but what does this REALLY mean for you and your business?

First, I think we need to get clarification on what niching down means.

When a stylist decides to niche down, this means that they will specifically do one particular service or style of service.

You get where I am going with this?

In my usual fashion, I want to offer some perspective on this. I don't think that niching down is necessarily good or bad, it just depends on what you're going for in your business.

Today, let's talk about all of the pro's of niching down. Next week, we'll chat about some of the cons, so make sure to come back.

1. Establishes you as an expert in your chosen niche.

The more times you do something, the better you become at it. So if you are an extensions-only stylist, most clients are going to assume that you are the BEST at extensions. Not only will you be more skilled in you're niche than others stylists who haven't niched down (since likely, this is the service you do on a regular basis), you'll also stand out in marketing because you are consistently posting and talking about your specific niche.

2. You get to only perform services you truly ENJOY performing.

Do you LOVE creating warm, lived in beachy-y blondes and only want to do that service? Are you obsessed with creating the most beautiful red heads? Is painting a beautiful balayage your jam? Block color + Vivids? Dimensional Brunettes? Whatever it is that you truly LOVE doing and puts you in your zone of genius...niche-ing down allows you that option.

3. Niching down makes marketing yourself a BREEZE.

We all know that social media and marketing ourselves online is one of the most powerful tolls we can use to promote ourselves. Likely, most of your "target clientele" in your specific niche are going to search for what it is that they want. Example "balayage specialist, Jacksonville Florida" or, "shag hair cut, Santa Monica, ca". if you're using the right #'s and key words on social media and your website, it'll be way easier for clients to find you.

4. You won't be spreading your energy thin.

Of course you can try and cater to every client and offer every service, but if you're not well versed in all of these services, you would have to take the time for additional education + practice which could take away from the nice that you love and that your clients love you for.

5. Lolyalty.

As long as that client lives within your niche, you will have a loyal client...especially if they are SUPER happy with your services + the client experience in your salon. If you are a master at something, and do a great job at it, your client retention rate will be through the roof!

6. IF this is your thing, brand affiliations and sponsorships are easier to attain if you have niched down, esp on social. Let's say you are well known for creating beautiful, vivid looks. Likely...if a brand has a new color, or a new line of direct dyes...they are looking for people who can use them, masterfully. If they run across your page and its consistent and well marketed and branded, you have a higher chance to scoring an opportunity to work with them.

Now I do want to point out something that not a lot of stylists consider when it comes to niche-ing down.

There are 2 ways to niche can do both or just one:

Niche down on social media

Niche down IRL (in real life)

I know so many stylist who, on social media, have niched alllll the way down and only post certain looks and images, but IRL their books are filled with all types of clients and services...

Think about why that is?

As much value as there is in niching down, it's my belief that if you niche down on social AND might run into some issues.

Check back next week, where I go in to some of the cons of niche-ing down.

Until next time,

Happy hair coloring


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