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What is the FUNdamentals?

Let's talk about the FUNdamentals, shall we?!

The Fundamentals Course-shop (online course + workshop hybrid) is the first of its kind. As CREATIVES...we learn best in an environment that provides visual AND hands-on learning. The FUNDamentals incorporates conceptual learning combined with hands-on kinesthetic learning with EACH module to increase retention SIGNIFICANTLY!

If you are a visual and hands-on learner, the FUNdamentals is definitely for YOU!

Devoted to understanding the art + science of hair and hair coloring, this course-shop is set up like a "lab" with tons of hands-on experiments and visual aids to help you fully understand the concepts being presented.

Have you ever:

- Struggled with not feeling confident in your formulation?

- Resorted to using the same few tubes or bottles on every client?

- Sought formulation advice from coworkers or even other stylists on the internet? (HELLO FACEBOOK FORUMS)

- Held your breath, crossed your fingers and prayed to the color gods hoping your formula turned out right?


I've felt the panic + fear when a formula didn't turn out right.

I BECAME the master salesman convincing my client that the color was perfect...when I knew it wasn't.

I WAS the epitome of a 6N on the roots and 9V/9T/9P toner on everyone.

THIS is why I developed the FUNdamentals.

This is SO much more than an on-line course!

The FUNdamentals is FULL of video content (18 modules to be exact), visual aids, a detailed workbook and the FUNbox.

The FUNbox is chock full of hands-on experiments to bring your course to LIFE!

The 3 main points we discuss in the Course-shop:

  1. The Canvas

  2. The Chemicals

  3. The Laws

What you'll learn:

- The 3 most important factors to consider before formulation

- They key differences between types of hair colors

- Understanding pH

- The chemistry of hair color

- Foolproof Formulation


You'll walk away with more confidence in understanding hair and how to strategize and game plan for perfect formulation. You'll have an increased understanding of hair + hair color. Most importantly, you'll be prepared to take on ANY color situation, fearlessly.

The FUNdamentals is undoubtedly the first step to leveling-up. PRE- LAUNCH opens in just a few weeks, make sure you're on the list to be the first to know when doors open!

Until next time,

Happy Hair Coloring

xo Araz

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