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All things BALAYAGE with Lacie Wehrle

You may have noticed a theme recently, I have expanded my blog and podcast and have invited a few KEY people on to be interviewed.

I always say that there are a LOT of things that I am good at, but the things that I am not so good at? Well, I typically defer to the experts.

A few weeks ago I had Tanya Kara from Influence PRX- a social media management firm that represents a lot of beauty brands, manufacturers and distributors- on the podcast talking about all things social media for hairstylist. You can listen to that episode on apple , here.

Last week, I chatted with Cash from The Millionaire Hairstylist and we talked about money, money mindset, success habits and all things related to the topic. If you don't have apple, you can listen by clicking here. Just click on let's talk hair podcast and a list of all available platforms to listen on will pop up.

This week, I brought on Lacie Wehrle. She is a stylist with a career spanning over 2 decades who specializes in Balayage. She represents multiple brands including Olaplex, Megix 10 and Sunlights Balayage.

Lacie has perfected her Balayage craft and she came on this week and gave some amazing tips and tools for all of us to up our Balay game.

There were so many highlights from the episode that it would be impossible to put them all on a blog post, so I highly recommend taking a listen, you won't regret it!

If you want, you can also watch the episode on YouTube, here.

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