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Hairdressers...SHOOT YOUR SHOT!

This week I have a simple yet powerful message for you. Shoot your shot. SHOOT YOUR SHOT.

Asking for what you want can be a daunting task. Whether its asking a client for a referral, asking your salon owner for a raise, or asking an educator for guidance and mentorship, putting yourself out there and making a request can be scary. However, shooting your shot is incredibly important for both personal and professional growth. Here are a few reason why:

1. The answer is always no unless you ask

When you don't ask for what you want, you are guaranteed a 100% No.

When you do ask for what you want, at least you’ve got a 50/50 shot.

The truth is that if you never shoot your shot you will never know if it was even a possibility or not. You might be surprised at how often people will say yes and are willing to help. Even if you don't get the answer you want, at least you can have closure and move on.

2. Shooting your shot shows confidence and assertiveness

Asking for what you want shows that you're confident in yourself and your abilities. It also demonstrates assertiveness, which is an important trait to have in both personal and professional settings. People who are assertive are often more successful in their careers and personal lives because they know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it.

3. Shooting your shot can lead to new opportunities

I can’t tell you HOW MANY doors have opened up for me in my professional career both behind the chair and beyond the chair in education JUST BECAUSE I SHOT MY SHOT!

When you shoot your shot and ask for what you want, you open yourself up for new opportunities that you may not have considered before. You could ask your salon owner for a higher commission rate and they could come back with something even better than you imagined. You could ask an educator a question that could lead into a mentorship. You just literally NEVER know unless you open up the dialog!

4. Asking for what you want builds resilience

Asking for what you want and not getting it can be rough, especially if you're not used to

hearing no. (talking to myself here!) but the truth is, it builds resilience. Every no leads you one step closer to a yes. The more we put ourselves out there and take risks, the more we learn how to handle rejection and disappointment. Over time, we become more resilient, take less personally and we are able to bounce back from setbacks. Every setback is a set up for a comeback, remember that.

5. Shooting your shot sets a positive example for others

At the end of the day, shooting our shot and asking for what WE want is really for ourselves, however, many times, your circle of influence is watching you. Your co-workers, suitemates, students and friends are watching and supporting you. When you ask for what you want and fearlessly pursue what brings you happiness and joy, you’re setting a positive example to those around you. You are making it acceptable and ok to take risks and pursue what you want in life. This can inspire others to do the same and create a culture of growth and positivity.

More often than not, we don't shoot our shots or ask for what we want strictly out of fear.

Fear of the absolute unknown. We make up stories and scenarios in our minds and convince ourselves to not take that leap.

Truth is, they are all made up stories. Fallacies. False situations our minds narrate to keep us safe and stuck. You will not know unless you ask…

So, from the most gentle and loving place in my heart, shoooot your mf’n shot!!!!

Happy Hair coloring!


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