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Hi! I'm Araz!

Hello and WELCOME to the Combed Education blog. (CUE the obligatory introduction)

My name is Araz Nelson and I have been a part of this beautiful industry for 21 years. Yes, my career is officially of legal drinking age, lol!

I have been involved in so many facets of the industry including: Runway work, Platform work, Set work, Editorial, Education and being a Salon Owner. 21 years in this industry and the one thing that has been a constant for me is that I have always, and will always continue, to take RISKS! With taking great risks comes the opportunity for great failures. And let me tell you, I have had my fair share of failures.

Here's the thing tho, I know this to my core, with great failures come GREAT lessons!

Every set back is a set up for a come back.

2020 took our industry (and the world) by storm. all of us have felt the ramifications of the pandemic in our business and personal lives. Rightfully so. But just know that even though most of us have felt the negative impacts of the pandemic, there were many people who prospered and rose to the top, even amidst the chaos. How?


I want to go back in time for a minute. 2011 to be exact. I was working for a manufacturer as a regional manager of education and felt there was a GAP in education. Everything was sales driven fluff and integrity and authenticity was majorly lacking in education. I saw an opportunity to help so launched my very own independent hair education workshop. Combed Education. Combed workshops were non-branded hair color education laser focused on helping stylists get grounded in the fundamentals of hair and hair color theory along with mindset and personal development. I believe that without being grounded in the fundamentals of hair and hair color, no formula or technique will help a stylist truly thrive and grow confident in their abilities.

Lets just say I was ahead of the times. Very few people were interested in what I had to offer.

I took a risk..and FAILED. I was devastated!

Fast forward to 2018. Independent education was now a coveted "thing" in our industry. Stylists grew tired of sales tactics and marketing schemes from big manufacturers when it came to education and were seeking a more authentic education experience.

I rebranded and relaunched Combed Education and with the help of a small social media following and word of mouth, we grew. In 2019, we had 6 workshops! in 2020, we had 12 workshops scheduled...I was SO excited. My passion and dream for authentic education and uplifting out industry was coming to fruition.....then cue: COVID.

Once again, devastated.

But every set back is a set up for a comeback. Remember?

So I adapted. I became fluid. I got very clear on what my intention is. I know with every fiber of my being that getting the FUNdamentals out to the industry is CRUCIAL to elevate this industry.

And with all of that, COMBED education is BACK and better than ever!

I see how all of the set backs HAD to happen in order for everything to fall into place the way it has.

I created the FUNdamentals course-shop. A unique fusion of hands on learning in the digital world.

See, we all learn in 3 ways.

Visual, Auditory, and kinesthetic.

The FUNdamentals course- shop incorporates all of this in a FUN, hands-on workshop...digitally.

This is definitely the first of its kind and I am SO excited, I can barely stand it!

My mission is to expand your skillset, enhance your mindset and help you thrive in this beautiful industry!!

Throughout COMBED education you will find several sources of learning and inspiration. From this blog, to the website, to the podcast to the FUNdamentals course-shop..all created FOR YOU.

I hope you find inspiration, education and most importantly a resource to turn to when in doubt at COMBED!

Welcome, and cheers to your success!

Until next time,

Happy Hair Coloring

xo Araz

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