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Ionic, Tourmaline, Ceramic - Oh My!

Ionic, tourmaline, ceramic oh my.

I’m not sure about you but for YEARS, I didn’t know what these terms meant (especially when referring to hot tools we use BTC).

Today, I want to just go over what these technologies are and why they are relevant in hot tools.

Ionic technology:

The leader of high-tech tools, ionic technology was the first to be used in the hot tools market. This technology is used in blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons etc.

As most of us know, hair is negatively charged...although damaged hair is slightly positively charged.

Ionic technology works like this:

Heating up the appliance activates the ionic technology and creates negative ions that balance the damaged hairs positive charge…allowing the cuticle layers to lay flat making hair smoother and shinier.

The negative ions in the tools help break water molecules down into micro molecules that can be absorbed by the hair, allowing the hair to be more hydrated while drying and styling.


Tourmaline is a gemstone that naturally emits ions. It is used in the manufacturing of blow dryers as well as hot tools. The ions speed up the drying process, tourmaline dryers allow for a faster drying with less loss of moisture.


Ceramics have been used in tech for ages. Ceramic items do not overheat, burn or rust making it a very reliable material for hot tools in the salon.

Ceramic is used in the heating elements and on the plates of dryers and hot tools...because of its resistance to heat, ceramics are safe and great for tools that require high heat.

Added benefit of far as clipper blades and shears is that ceramic stays sharp 10x longer than steel. They are rust free (great for clippers) and lighter than most metals, plus they don't conduct heat.

Short, sweet and to the point. Hope this was helpful!

Until next time,


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