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The SOCIAL of Social Media

This week I had a very special guest over on The Combed Education Podcast, and I would HIGHLY encourage you take a listen for ALLLLL the tea, but I'm going to do my best and share the nuggets of wisdom that I got from this interview on this post.

I interviewed Tanya Kara from Influence PRX. Influence PRX is a social media management firm and the reason I wanted to bring Tanya on is because her company represents many brands, distributors and manufacturers IN the beauty industry.

She has first hand experience being behind the screen of some of these brands and manufacturers on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

I'll share with you some of the most valuable insights from this podcast, but again, I highly recommend that if you want to shift how social media works FOR you...take a listen!

Being specific and Intentional with your Social Media: WHO are you talking to + what are your goals with social media?

If your goal is to bring in MORE CLIENTS to your chair:

There is NO need for you to be sharing your techniques + formula.

Share the EXPERIENCE the client is going to have in your salon.

Share photos of your space and your happy clients.

Share images of your work and in the caption, draw the clients IN with the story about the client in the photo.

Share about the products you use and retail.


Engage with local businesses on social media.

Engage with your COMMUNITY.

Design your space and your page to draw the ideal client it.


If you specialize in lived in blondes...your page can't have leopard and will draw them away.

If you specialize in vivid's and pixie cuts, your page should REFLECT that.

If your goal is to EDUCATE the industry:

Your posts would primarily be education focused.

This is when it would be good to follow and engage with other hairdressers.

Tag the brands, distributors, manufacturers + publications you want to work with.

Engage with other brands, educators and manufacturers.


The most important thing is to ENGAGE!

Don't just POST + GHOST.

You can't expect a ton of likes and comments and engagement on your posts if YOU'RE NOT DOING THE SAME!

It's called SOCAIL media for a reason.

IF you are wanting recognition from brands, manufacturers and publications- here's some advice to be noticed and reposted:

LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE. What is it that makes YOU unique?

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with brands + manufacturers through CONSISTENCY.

Don't OVER TAG everyone. Especially if they are competitors. Find brands that you align with and build a relationship with them. After some time, they will start recognizing your tags and engagement.

Tip's on being yourself on social media.

Social media is a LEARNED skill, most of us are not natural at posting ourselves.

Practice makes progress.

Take your phone and start recording yourself, EVEN IF YOU DON'T POST IT.

The act of practicing it WILL make you more comfortable over time.

Don't Overthink your posts.

Most people don't pay attention to EVERY SINGLE POST you make, or story you share.

Consistency, dedication and discipline outweigh talent every day, there are people way less talented than you making way more money and have way more influence than you...and its just because they were consistent, dedicated and disciplined!

Take a listen to this weeks episode for some major mind blowing info about social media!


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