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TOP 3 Mindset Issues Stylists Face + How To Shift

As we roll into the first quarter of 2022, I want to address a few mindset issues I have seen in the industry today that don't serve us if we are wanting to be successful hairdressers. I want to point out the top 3 issues I see circulating and more importantly, how you can SHIFT these mind sets if they are running you.

I want you to think back to when you started beauty school. The world was your oyster! So excited, so eager so...naive?

Fast forward to a few years down the road..maybe you're starting to wondering if this was the "right choice" I mean, trying to make a successful career BTC is no easy task, right?

Maybe you should have gone to college to get your bachelors degree instead?

Maybe you should have gone to law school, or kept your corporate job, instead?

Maybe you're not really cut out to make it in this industry?

Maybe maybe maybe.....

These thoughts, or similar, have plagued every single one of use at one point or another. Trust me, that platform artist has had similar thoughts. That educator who's teaching the class, same thoughts. That stylist who's making 6+ some point had similar thoughts.

These are normal thoughts, its actually how are brains are wired, naturally. Our subconscious minds are programmed to keep anything dangerous far far away (its a survival of the fittest mentality) big goals, big dreams, the necessity to take a RISK...our brain is like...NOPE!

The real WORK is overcoming those limiting mindsets + beliefs so that your big goals and dreams can come true!

Here are the top 3 mindset issues I see in our industry and how you can shift them!

1. Other stylists are more successful than me, I can't compete.

So so so many of us tend to compare ourselves with other stylists in the industry. I get it, its super easy to ESPECIALLY with social media. Instagram, Facebook forums, Industry educators...Social Media can make it seems like everyone (but you) has their shit together.

The truth of the matter is, COMPARISON is the THEIF of joy. Comparing yourself to ANYONE else, especially another hairstylist will literally ROB you of your own joy, it's like comparing apples to zebras. Comparing your life, your beliefs, your career, your income to anyone else's will NEVER be accurate unless they have lived the EXACT same life as you. If they have walked in your shoes, dealt with the shit you've dealt with, learned the lessons you learned, had the family you had and so cannot compare. It's an absolute unfair comparison.

PLUS, they are not you. And you are not them. There is ZERO need to try and compare and BE LIKE someone else. They have their uniqueness and you have yours. Something to consider: YOU are the magic ingredient that is needed to build up your business because you are offering something no one else can. YOU!


I am successful because "I AM THE MAGIC INGREDIENT".

The only competition I have is myself.

I am more than __________ enough.

2. My business isn't growing fast enough, so I'll NEVER get there.

I think because of social media, a lot of us have unrealistic expectations on what the "path to success" looks like. We all just see the "overnight" success on social and think that it's normal. What most of us don't see is ALL the hard work and TIME it took for that "overnight success"

The truth is that yes, some people "get there" faster than others, but it's still a journey for all of us and being completely real, there is no "get there". There is no "destination". I speak from my personal experience here...I've set MANY goals, and achieved them only to set bigger and higher ones.

Learn to embrace the journey, enjoy the process of building and try not to RUSH through everything. The real joy, the true lessons, what build character is always the journey, NOT the destination.


I trust the process and my own journey.

Baby steps are just as valuable as big leaps.

Whats meant for me will find me at the perfect time.

3. I'll never be as good as SO AND SO

This is very similar to mindset issue #1, and it goes deep into comparison. Do you think that "so and so" was always great? Lets give some examples of people you may know:

Do you think Matt Beck from @freesaloneducation was always an amazing cutter?

Do you think that @lalasupdos was always amazing at hair styling?

Do you really believe that @guytang was always great with color?

Do you think that Olivia @omgartistry was always a social media queen?

no no no no and no.

These are just a FEW examples, there are thousands more that I could name.

I promise you this, you CAN be just as good as you're willing to be. The choice is yours. What are you willing to do to get your skillset up?

Are you willing to practice?

Are you willing to educate yourself?

Are you willing to put in the time, energy, money and focus it takes to grow yourself? I know these people did.

Stop comparing yourself and wishing you were just as good and so and so and start focusing on what MAKES YOU THE BEST YOU! You have your own magic you've just got to get out of your own way and let it shine.


I am open and willing to be the best version of myself.

I am perfectly and uniquely me.

I am worthy of success.

I am willing to put in the work to be the best version of myself.

I encourage you to take some time and reflect on what some of your belief systems are, and more importantly, set yourself up for MAJOR SUCCESS by beginning to shift these detrimental thought processes to productive + positive ones!

Until next time,

Happy Hair Coloring

xo Araz

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