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What is COMBED Education?

I am so excited to let you in on a little secret that I have been working on for the past few months. Well, technically, this has been YEARS in the making. The past few months have been very pivotal in making this a reality for you to experience.

Combed Education has been a passion project of mine since 2011! YES! 12 years ago I set out to elevate the industry with my vision of what education should look like.

But first, I want to tell you a little story:

Many years ago, I left the big salon world and ventured out into a brand new territory in the beauty industry: SALON SUITES!

I had been renting a chair at a salon for a few years and the concept of salon suites was a brand new one...and it intrigued me.

I remember walking the building, plenty of studs and walls, no floors. Just blue prints and a STORY!

I bought all the way in, despite most of my co-workers telling me it was a bad idea.

The thought of me having my very own salon seemed incredible, and I went all in.

It was amazing.....until I had my first challenging corrective color.

I realized at that moment that the comfort of relying on my coworkers...was gone.

It was me, myself and I in my little suite and I had no one to help me.

It was in that moment I realized, I was 10 years in and I didn't trust myself enough to formulate outside of my comfort zone.

I realized I kept resorting to my tried and true formulas, but couldn't figure out why they worked on some people and not others.

Many mistakes were made in that first suite.

So many prayers to the color gods.

SO many lessons learned over the years.

I set out on a mission to fully understand hair, hair color, formulation...I wanted to be a master at my craft.

I spent countless hours swatching, testing, reading, studying...I learned SO much from all of my wins and all of my mistakes.

Fast forward to 2011: At the time, most- if not all- education was provided solely by manufacturers and distributors. There was nothing WRONG with that, BUT, there were some issues many of us were subjected to.

1- Getting past the sales driven fluff that only promoted the product they were selling, leaving out some truths.

2- Only getting biased education based on certain selling points of these products.

3- Too many marketing stories, not enough facts.

What I wanted to experience was unsponsored education that broke down the canvas we work on everyday, and the fundamental theories behind hair color that could be applied to ANY manufacturers color line.

It didn't exist so I took EVERYTHING I learned and developed a platform to Create Opportunities, Motivate your Business, while promoting Education and Development.


Let's just say, the industry wasn't ready for what I had in 2011. No one trusted "non-branded education" and I decided to put COMBED on the back burner.

In 2017, I decided to revamp and relaunch with workshops across the country. Right as COMBED was picking up speed...BOOM! PANDEMIC!

Clearly traveling and teaching was not an option and I was DEFEATED!

I wanted to give up, but I KNEW how much VALUE the FUNdamentals would bring.

There is so much value in relentlessness...with that being said....

I am so excited to bring you my signature workshop in a WHOLE NEW WAY!!

You will have the opportunity to Expand your skillset + Enhance your mindset!

Prepare to have you mind BLOWN!

Waitlist for Pre-launch is open!!!!

Until then,

Happy Hair Coloring

xo Araz

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